Maine Breeders Stakes

The 2020 Sire Stakes Program will consist of 8 legs for the two year old participants and 12 legs for the three year old participants. The 2019 Base Purse for these races was $8,500.00 per race with added monies from the nomination, continuation, sustaining, and starting fees paid by the horse owners. Additionally, each track added $1,200.00 for each wagering race contested at its meet. The average purse for the two year old divisions was just under $11,000 with the average purse for the three year old divisions being just over $11,000.00. The final’s purses for the two year old races was over $55,000 with the three year old final’s purses being over $82,000.00.

Consolation Finals will be held for those horses that did not make it to the Finals. Last year's two year old Consolation Final’s purses went for over $14,000.00.

It is anticipated that the Base and Final Purses to be slightly higher in 2020 compared to the 2019 racing year.

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